Customer Service - Metros Ligeros de Madrid - ML1

Customer Service - Metros Ligeros de Madrid - ML1

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Our contact telephone number

Opening times: M-S: 8pm to 10pm

902 444 403




Frequently asked questions


Lost property

If you have lost or found an item on ML1, please contact our staff at one of our stations or one of our customer service centres on 902 444 403



On two wheels

You can travel anytime with your folding bike.

You can travel with regular bikes off peak times:

MONDAY to FRIDAY, all day except:

  • From 7:30am to 9:30am.
  • From 2pm to 4pm
  • From 6pm to 8pm


  • Throughout service hours.

Only one bike per person and ticket will be allowed.

When accessing the light rail with your bicycle, use the area reserved. This is the area that is also for people with reduced mobility or those travelling with a pushchair.

In general, animals are not allowed in the Metro Network. However, there are a few exceptions:

With small pets in travel cases, provided they are being transported in a suitable case and are not dangerous or a nuisance to other passengers.

With guide dogs:

  • Guide dogs for the blind or those with impaired sight.
  • Guide dogs in training, accompanied by their trainers. In this case, the future guide dog must be wearing its training harness and the person responsible for it will be carrying a standard ID card identifying them as an instructor and trainer of the ONCE Foundation.
  • Dogs trained to provide special personal assistance. For people who have some type of disability with which they may require assistance to be independent or to warn them of risk situations.
According to Article 31 of the Travel Regulations:

Any type of conduct listed both in Chapter IV, title VI of Law 16/1987, dated 30 July, on Land Transport Regulations, and articles 293, 294 and 295 of the regulatory text implementing said Law, approved by Royal Decree 1211/90 dated 28 September, constitutes a violation. Additionally, both the misuse of transport tickets and smoking or holding a lit cigarette inside a car, on moving stairs or in any of the facilities of Madrid’s Metropolitan Rail Network are also considered violations.


Suggestions and complaints

There are complaint registration books available in the Pinar de Chamartín and Las Tablas stations. For your convenience, you can send us your suggestion or complaint using the corresponding forms.


Do you want to know all your rights and obligations as a passenger?

Download the Travel Regulations