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Take a look - Metros Ligeros de Madrid - ML1

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We suggest spending your journey on ML1 looking at photos sent to us by ML1 users, reading any of the short stories provided or listening to any of our music play lists. Do you also like to write or take photos? Send us your short stories or photos and we'll publish them.

Recommended reading

We recommend this story for your journey today. Already read it? Discover other stories or participate by sending yours to subelo@metrosligerosdemadrid.es.

El astillero

Juan Carlos Onetti

5 min

La balada del abuelo Palancas

Félix Grande

5 min

Madrid: Historia. Arte. Vida.

José García Nieto

5 min

Un bel morir

Álvaro Mutis

5 min

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Photos by ML1 users

These are some photos taken by our users. If you would like to see your photo published, please send it to subelo@metrosligerosdemadrid.es

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